“What If You SUDDENLY Realized Everything You Thought You Knew About How to Build Your Business Was A Lie? ”

"We'll show you how to keep your customers coming back to you - their problem solver! "

- Dr. Neen,
the Think it, Do it!® Queen

When you purchase the

Mission, Message and Market Business-Building Package


You'll discover secrets like ...

  • How to identify your target market
  • Who needs to hear your message
  • Who is your muse and how to focus your message for him/her
  • How to identify your target market's pain and desire and create a solution
  • How to make your solution unique in the mind of your target market
  • Why your target market will remember YOUR message and seek you out
  • How to Position Yourself as an expert with your target market
  • Why this process will SAVE you Time and Money
  • How this method will Increase Your Income
  • If you want to Stay In Business - why you must take these steps
  • 2 Biggest mistakes business owners make in sharing their message
  • How to prevent your customers from suddenly disappearing
  • Two things your message MUST have for business longevity
  • And much, much more!



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    Your Mission, Message and Market    $287  $127


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    Mission, Message and Market Toolbox Includes:

    • Quick Start Guide ($15 value)
    • 3 cd-set of digital download audios ($45 value)
    • 3 dvd-set of digital download videos ($45 value)
    • Mission, Message, Market instructional workbook ($15 value)


    • Pre and Post Assessment ($10 value)
    • Forms to Focus instructional workbook ($25 value)
    • 3 marketing question emails to Dr. Neen that she will personally answer! (Dr. Neen's company bills her coaching time out at $350 per hour, so this is a steal!!)

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     Do I hear you thinking...

    "That's An Amazing Deal!"

    It is. but it won't last for long...

    Dr. Neen's Your Mission, Message and Market  helps you find your passionate message. It shows you how to express your passionate, meaningful, money-making message as the solution that your target market is seeking. It helps you evaluate who you are solving a problem for, how that solution ties in with your personal and business purpose and establishes your foundation for future sales.


    Why do you need this module?


    You need to be focused and confident. Erasing self-doubt around why you should be the one to deliver your message allows you to share your message with authority. Your message is important and your target market is relying on your expertise. Without your message, your way, people will continue to do what they've done, and get the same, disappointing results. It's time for a new way. It's time for hope. It's time for YOUR message.